About ArtSkies

Welcome to Artificial Skies!

Artificial Skies (ArtSkies for short) is a blog and writing platform ran by me, Jay Embee, and it’s where I upload most of my works, whether it’s graphic design, essays, or serial fiction, though serial fiction is my main focus.

The kind of stuff I write is usually a mix of soft science fiction and magical fantasy, with the occasional streak of horror. (Okay, a lot of horror; I don’t really hold back on letting the bad guys be bad guys, but that’s so the heroes can be heroes.) I consider fun to be the most important thing in a story, important enough that anything lacking it is lacking a soul. A story can be dark, sure. It can have philosophical moments. It can even try to be literary. But so help me God, if you don’t try to have the story entertain in any way, it’s worse than dead, regardless of what anyone else may say. That’s what I try to avoid with my stories: being dead.

Because, contrary to popular belief, life isn’t meant to be spent on dying; it’s meant to be spent on living. And that’s what I intend to do through my works.


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