About This Site

Welcome to Artificial Skies!

Artificial Skies (ArtSkies for short) is a blog and (eventually) a writing platform ran by me, Jay Embee. On the blog side of things, I post my opinions about the craft of writing, along with current issues in the writing and video gaming landscape. And on the writing platform side, none of my works are currently up on the site or published, but I plan to eventually expand the site on that aspect soon, so keep an eye out for any updates on that.

About me as a writer: I heard the siren call of the blank page when I was six, and I’ve been lost ever since! The stuff I churn out tends to be a blend of science fiction and magical fantasy, mainly because that’s just what I like to read and explore. I like it when fun comes first and foremost in a story, so I’m always playing around with ideas and seeing what happens. I admit to being experimental at times, but that’s because I love writing and I really enjoy testing out stuff.

About me as me: I’m American, in my early twenties, and a proud Hoosier. That’s all the information I’m surrendering for now.

Enjoy your time at Artificial Skies!

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