New banner and motto

I just updated the banner, so you should see it directly above. This would be it if it ever gets replaced and you’re reading this from the far future. (Greetings from the year 2017, by the way!) The old one can be found here if you want to compare the two banners. I also slightly tweaked the background, so it may look different from before.

Thanks for checking up!

~ Jay Embee


I’m that one song from the first Portal

After basically not having any real internet access on my studio computer for the last year or so, I’m finally back online, which means I can focus more on using this blog. I have a lot of plans for this website that I’ve been brewing up recently, so if you happen to have liked those occasional rants I had on Twitter, or if you just like reading about video games and writing, keep an eye on this site, because I’m hoping to put up a lot of stuff in the near future.

In the meantime, I’m also going to be working on updating the theme of the site. The general look and color scheme is still gonna be the same, but I’d like to change things around and make them look more sleek and unique. (I also want to nuke that motto below the logo. I intended for it to sound whimsical because hey, “artificial skies”, right? Who knows what the fuck is up there? But now the motto just sounds really pessimistic, and I’d like to change that.) If you have any thoughts on how the site looks now and on the updates I’ll be doing, let me know!

P.S, for those who don’t know what I mean by “that one song from the first Portal”, this would be it.

Hoping to see you around!
~ Jay Embee

Artificial Skies is now open for business!

Hey there! Welcome to the site. If you’re seeing this, that means this site is now finished and ready for action.

So what exactly is ‘Artificial Skies’? Artificial Skies is a writing platform and personal blog ran by me, Jay Embee. Right now, there isn’t anything to the site, but I’ll be putting up my writing works as I expand the platform. On the blog side of things, I’ll be posting my two cents about the writing craft, video games, and the recent issues in the literature and video gaming industries, whether I can. If any of that interests you, give me a follow on Twitter for updates, or follow this blog if you’re a WordPress user.

Hope to see you around!

~ Jay Embee